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Monday Flash Fic: Midnight

I’m a bit late in getting today’s post up, but my non-writing life took a great deal of precedence today. This is a new genre of writing for me, where I went with this, so I hope I did it justice, and that you enjoy it.



“When the last strike of the bell fades at midnight, that is when the magic will begin.” The old woman hastily pushed me into the awaiting contraption that was to ferry me a great distance, and at seemingly great peril. The lock on the carriage door snicked in place with a dreaded sense of finality, and my heart tripped in double time as the seconds ticked by on the large clock mounted in the carriage. Despite her short stature, her frightening face appeared in the open window as I peered out, freezing my posture. She was so close, her nose was nearly touching mine and I could smell the sweet stench of her tobacco and cheap whiskey breath. “You must be delivered upon your destination at the first stroke of midnight and no later. That gives you the time you need to get into position by the last. You must not dally or alter your course. No matter the cause. Do y’understand?”

“Y-Yes. I understand. I will not dally nor change course.” I was not versed in driving a horse, much less the technological innovations that were used on the outskirts of proper civilization. So her warning not to alter my course in this machine was of no consequence, but I wasn’t about to give cause for extended discussion. The fact was I had no idea how I had managed to become involved in this group of mad scientists and their pursuits in the first place. It wasn’t like I lived amongst them or subscribed to their way of life. Yet, their arguments for me to be the one to make this journey were irrefutable. As much as I tried to deny the evidence shown, as well as my growing sense of necessity, I was somehow crucial to this endeavor. There was no other; it had to be me. The chain of events, of which would be set if I were not at the stones at the appointed time, was too dire to leave to chance.

“The sun is beginning to set, and there is no moon tonight. The doorway opens upon the darkness and temptations are more seductive. You must not succumb!”

And with that, the old woman disappeared and, I in my carriage lifted from the earth into the sky. I crossed myself out of a childhood habit—despite my disbelief—and almost hoped this journey was a farce.

(401 words…yay! I’m under the limit!)~ ~ deidre meyrick

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