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“Say that you love me. Go on, I dare you.”

The knifepoint dug a little deeper, hinting at the future meeting between it and my jugular. I swallowed and thought I’d just opened the door for that inevitable kiss and spill of my blood, but I couldn’t help it. Bile was rising and it was that or gag and risk worse.

“Say it.”

What do you so when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place? Come on, you guys, I need to know. Do I say it or not, because right now, it feels like I’m dead either way.

“I lo—“

The giant of a man pulled the knife away but not before nicking my neck. He licked the drop of blood that welled there then kissed me full on the mouth. I could taste the copper of my life on his lips. He pulled back with a grin plastered on his god awful handsome face. “I was just fuckin’ with you, brah. I would’na sliced you like that unless you’d had good reason. And you lovin’ me ain’t reason enough to get blood on my new jacket.”

Inside my head I was screaming out you motherfucking asshole shit for brains what the actual fuck were you thinking putting a knife to my neck you could’ve killed me but I took a deep shuddering breath, told my bladder it could hold it once more, and held my hands up in supplication. “You got me, again, Sal. You always do. Always have. What d’ya need today?” Rubbing my hands along my pants legs to dry the clamminess, I shuffled a step in the opposite direction, putting as much space as possible between myself and Sal without him thinking I was running. I didn’t want him thinking I was prey.

“Well, you see, I got this idea in my head and it wouldn’t go away. So I came to the one person who I thought could help me out with it, and voila, here I am.”

Watching Sal flip his big ass knife between hilt and blade one-handed, I was mesmerized and didn’t really catch what he was saying. Or the glint in his eye as he was saying it.


“I said to myself, Sal, you’ve known each other for over twenty years now and he’s always been there for you. Every day. Even when he was sick or working or whatever.”

Flip-Flip-Flip of the knife.

“Ye—yeah Sal, always been there.”

Flip-Flip-Flip of the knife.

Sal stepped closer to me yet I stayed rooted to the floor. “You know, I don’t think you’re payin’ any attention to me.”

Flip-Flip-Flip of the knife.

“Yeah Sal. Whatever you say, I’m with you.” The knife flips had me entranced. Who am I kidding here, fear has me paralyzed and I’m afraid I’ll either piss my pants or vomit if I unclench my core muscles.

Sal stepped closer until I could feel the brush of the outrageously fluffy faux fur trim of his jacket against my chest. “In fact, I think you were going to lie to me earlier when you were gonna say that you loved me.”

Yeah, I stopped breathing. And Sal had stopped flipping his knife.

Sal leaned down just enough so I could feel the breath of his words across my cheek as much as I heard them. “I don’t think you’ve ever loved me like I loved you and that, brah, that kind of betrayal is not something I can let you live with. So I’m gonna help you out with your problem. Ease your mind of your troubles. No worries, alright? I got your back.”

And with that, I was caught between a rock and a hard place, between Sal and his knife sliding deep in my back and then across my neck.

No, I never loved him. Who loves their life-long tormentor?


c.2017 Deidre Meyrick


Monday Flash Fic: There’s Something About Mary

It’s been a little while since I’ve flashed you guys, but with good reason that’s of no importance here. ha Anyway, I put a little something together just now for today’s picspiration. Hope you find it interesting.


There’s Something About Mary

A slow yet frantic rush of black and white ran around the carousel, squeaking and squawking, wings flapping in animated fashion.

“He did it! He finally did it!”

The horses, tethered to the carousel by their poles, lazily strolled in their normal circular path, slowing even more in order to listen to the penguins.

“Who did what?” They neighed and flicked their manes, slightly miffed—if carousel horses could be so—at the interruption of their afternoon jaunt.

The penguins, manic at this point, were in a state of discombobulation, running this way and that, several talking at once and over each other in trying to give their news.

“The chimney sweep! He finally figured it out and is—“


“That’s to say—”

The lead horse pulled to a stop, halting the process of the herd, which expressed their dismay in a chorus of whinnies and stomps. “Now see here. You there, explain this nonsense of yours, or let us be on our way with no further interruptions.”

One of the penguins, upon hearing the derision of the lead horse, stopped short and frowned, seemingly unaware of and displeased with his own previously frenetic behavior. He waddled calmly, yet with some ire, up to the majestic horse and relayed the message his compatriots were still flapping on about.

“Sir, it seems that the bumbling human has found a way through the frame and is on his way here.”

The horse pawed the ground in frustration. “You halted our relaxing afternoon for this? He poses no threat. Why, when—“

“Without the Miss.” The penguin interrupted.

At hearing this, the horses pricked their ears, hearing faint sounds of a drum and cymbal, a horn, and other discordant sounds growing louder, emanating not far down the lane from where their carousel stood. Stamping their hooves, the lead horse continued, “Well, why didn’t you say so? Needs must and all that, we will be on our way. Please do give our regrets.”

And with that, the horses broke rank, severing themselves from their poles, and fled the idyllic park post-haste.

A few moments later, the lanky man covered in soot and other substances, carrying a slew of  instruments and drum-clanging with each step, stopped at the park bench and looked around. The penguins, three of which were unaware of their newly arrived guest, were still bumbling about until one approached with a cool glass of water and a tray of biscuits, and left them on the bench. Tossing his hand-towel over his head in the general direction of the man as he quickly waddled away to gather his brothers, he said, “Good day, Sir. We must be going.”

The man shrugged the musical contraption off his back, and sat to enjoy his snack, singing softly with a wicked grin pasted on, “Oh, it’s a jol-ly hol-i-day without Maaaary.”

~Deidre Meyrick 2015

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