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Picspiration: Heart of Atlantis and my fascination with Alexander Masson

Writers? Do you ever build a character around an established person’s looks, or get lucky enough to find a person/picture of a person who fits the image in your mind?

Readers? Do you like knowing how the author imagined their main character in their head, without just relying on storyline descriptions? Or does it throw you for a loop, especially if you had an image different from that in your own mind’s eye?

As a reader, it usually doesn’t bother me to find out if what I imagined is totally different from that of the author. As a writer, unless it’s a flash fic, I see how I want things to go down in my mind. Locations, shibari designs, hairstyles, tattoos, and I do my absolute best to clearly describe in my writing how I visualize those things, and people. Sometimes, the image is a little blurry and I want a little more detail, so I go on a search to see if anything out there on the interwebs even closely resembles what I’m imagining. Sometimes I get lucky, and sometimes not so much.

That’s how it happened with my debut story, Heart of Atlantis. I was writing and had this relatively clear image of a character with golden dreads. He was tall, but with well defined muscles that were just enough–not long and super lean. He had clear eyes, and scruff on his face. This was my Marley. My Aeëtes.

As I was nearing completion of the first draft, I wanted to see if there was anyone out there in the modeling world who may even come close to what I envisioned. And I was so successful. It was a windfall that I wasn’t expecting. I had found my Marley. So while I may have called this model my picspiration, that came second as I was finishing up, and through edits. I remembered noticing him in a certain JLo video–the second in his still new career–before I ever imagined Marley. When I looked further into his shots and just learning who he is, there was so much more.

With that said, I give you the closest version to what I imagined for Marley, Alexander Masson.











If you haven’t read Heart of Atlantis yet, in which I envision this gorgeous man as Marley, find more information including an excerpt and buy links here.

Find and follow Alex on his Twitter, Instagram, website, & facebook.

Isn’t he delish? The pics here are some of my favorites. Happy reading, viewing, connecting, drooling *passes a tissue *.










It’s here!!! Heart of Atlantis is now available!


Release date: Today! January 30, 2015

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Series: Purgatory, Inc.

Genre: MM, Fantasy/Supernatural/Paranormal romance



Marin is a cursed merman. He once walked the streets of Atlantis where he found his true love, he now swims—alone. He is offered a way out of his curse and into the heart of another. But will he be able to love another as he did his true love?

Marley’s a loner.  He’s a treasure hunter who fantasized about mermen. He’d always felt a little out of place, always searching for something, and wanting nothing more than to belong to someone completely.

Between them are several lifetimes and a wicked sorceress bent on possession. Is a soul deep connection enough to bring them together to break a curse that was never meant to be broken?


“Marin? Do you believe in fate? In reincarnation?”


“Past lives. The soul living beyond the death of one body into another.”

“Ah, yes. Transmigration. As it so happens, I do. Why do you ask?”

Marley sighed, flexing his fingers ever so slightly. Just enough to barely touch Marin’s. “I think I may have known you then. From before.”

“I think so too, Marley.” Marin held his breath momentarily before he continued. This was the time. This was it. “Aeëtes, his eyes—although everyone in his family had eyes as dark as the night sky, my Aeëtes’ eyes were a striking blue. As blue as the Aegean Sea or a sky on a clear winter’s day. With one exception. His right eye was two colors. Partly the beautiful blue, but like a wave lapping the shore, the blue met with a golden brown.”

Marley’s breath caught as Marin described eyes that were identical to his own. Even down to how his parents’ eyes were of a drastically different color. No one could ever explain why there was such a difference; they just accepted it as part of who Marley was. “Like mine.” It was barely a whisper, but enough for Marin to hear.

“Yes, just like yours.”

Where to buy (more buy links to come soon):

Evernight Publishing


All Romance eBooks

Amazon UK




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Heart of Atlantis will soon rise from Evernight Publishing!


I’m thrilled to announce that my debut novella, Heart of Atlantis, has an anticipated release date of January 2015, from Evernight Publishing. It’s a mythical/fantasy/paranormal MM romance that will be part of a multi-author series, Purgatory, Inc. Keep watching for more information 🙂

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