Georgia curled upon herself in the little river of rainwater, fearful and mysteriously incapable of movement or speech despite the overwhelming sense of familiar dread. She’d tell you she was experiencing an undeniably strong episode of déjà vu if she could.

How did Georgia find herself in such a predicament, frozen yet heart pounding and eyes darting frantically about? She’d been walking when the little newspaper boat floated towards her, going against the current as if it were being steered or operated remotely. It stopped at her feet and she’d pondered how odd the entire scene unfolding before her.

She’d scooped up the little boat and unfolded the newspaper, expecting to find the innerworkings which made it do such crafty maneuvers. What she’d found instead were numerous small pictures of all the children who’d gone missing over the years in her little corner of Maine; the words “You’re next” in weeping red ink written over them.

~c. 2017 Deidre Meyrick

I’m a little behind with contributing for this particular flash, but that’s neither here nor there in the world of writing, right? The image which prompted this little tidbit can be found on the Monday Flash Fic group fb page, along with all of the other flashes which resulted. Of course, I went straight to one of my favorite (and first ever) horror novels, It by Stephen King. Enjoy!


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