Monday Flash Fic: Unicorn Found

It’s been forever, and I have several ideas floating around about some previous picspirations which unfortunately, I’ve not been able to concentrate on writing. Mostly because I’ve been in lecture writing mode, but also because I know those flashes would turn out to be more complex and wordy that intended. But today, I couldn’t help myself. It’s corny, It’s sweet. It’s, well… You read it and decide for yourself.


Unicorn Found

The flyer posted in the coffee shop window was unexpected. I knew I hadn’t been here for months—an unfortunate turn of events kept me away—but I didn’t think anyone would miss me. I mean, they knew my name, and knew what I liked to drink without my having to actually order it, but I always thought that was just good customer service. But how did they know I was a unicorn?

I mean, I took great care to ensure that my horn was never showing and causing a disruption, although it did take alternate forms. Sometimes, glitter would appear just like stirred up dust bunnies in a long forgotten room when I laughed at something funny. Or, like that one time, at band camp, when rainbow colored streamers flew out of the horns sections when we attempted to play techno-pop—which, incidentally, is something marching bands should stay away from.

Sigh. I was never good at masquerade.

There’s a long line this afternoon, as usual, for a cup of the best coffee in town, and I patiently wait my turn. I recognize Bash, the adorkable guy with dreads and black frame glasses who always draws a quick sketch of something funny for people’s names when they order. I always tell him he’s wasting his talents on coffee cup sleeves, but he insists java art and making people smile is his passion. And Suzah on the espresso machine, with multi-colored hair that looks like an oil slick who’s always singing songs from musicals and dancing around while she makes the most incredible concoctions; she’s still doing her thing. Currently, she seems to be channeling Fred Astaire with Singing in the Rain despite there not being a single cloud outside. Then, I notice a new guy schlepping the finished drinks to the waiting customers at the other end of the counter, but he fits in with his cookie monster blue Mohawk and Groucho Marx glasses, complete with eyebrows, nose, and mustache.

I start to feel like I’m home again and my spirits immediately lift. I approach Bash, who hasn’t seen me yet, to give my order. My smile uncontained and giggle-fit is ready to burst forth at the most inopportune moment when Groucho Cookie Monster—who’s also incredibly tall, by the way—lifts Suzah to his shoulder and deposits her to the counter so she can hand deliver the next coffee herself.

Glitter explosion rains down from the ceiling. I’m giggling uncontrollably. And while the patrons in house look a little puzzled as to why, the baristas simply announce that their one in a bazillion customer has just approached the counter and will be getting free coffee for life, and that for the next hour—after a short break—all coffees are on the house. Celebration! Glitter! Everywhere! There are claps and cheers, mostly for their free coffee, not for the glitter that magically falls outside of their open cups of coffee. Bash and Suzah turn to me, Groucho Cookie Monster follows, introducing himself as JJ.

They all come out and welcome me back with hugs that are as warm as a fire on a winter’s day, and tell me how much they missed me. Next thing I know, they’re all back behind the counter, Suzah singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and making one of my favorite drinks, and Bash decorating the sleeve. JJ however, is taking the lost unicorn sign out of the window and remarking on the beauty of the day. Guess it doesn’t matter at all how they know I’m a unicorn.

~Deidre Meyrick
final count: 595

As always, find more of today’s flashes at our group page, here. Have a great week everyone!


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