Miri: Monday Flash Fic

Today’s flash inspiration photo generated such a response amongst us, that our word limit restriction was lifted. From the beginning, I had a lyric playing in my head every time I thought about this flash, but it wasn’t until a few days ago I knew it would tie in to a previous piece–Midnight–and that’s all I had until I sat down to write. This particular flash happens earlier in the timeline set by the story in Midnight. So if you haven’t read that one yet, go take a look after reading this one. Without further ado, I give you…


“Come Josephine
In my flying machine
Leave fire behind
Darkness will rule mankind”

The haunting whisper of twisted lyrics from the few passengers on the ferry flight out of the village carried along the wind passing under the wings, a lilting yet haunting lullaby.

“Never fear Miriam, my dear. We are the Dark that rides the night. You are mine and as such, hold an esteemed position within our ranks. One day, you will be leading the Dark in my stead.” My father gloried in his miniscule speech, seeming to grow taller with each word uttered and ticks of the clocks. Eyes gleaming, he glanced at everyone aboard and out into the nothingness that surrounded us, to ensure they took notice of his words, and the meaning behind them; securing my future ascension to his place of power. He must have been satisfied. I hoped he was satisfied.

The Dark was a frightening thing. Creatures of untold substance and design loomed within the Dark. Called it home. Rolled around in it as a feline would catnip, and caressed the very air around my father. But there was something about me that my father was either unaware of or had refused to accept: I was my mother’s daughter. I was a child of the sun and moon. I was made of stars and filled with light, not darkness. And it was only a matter of time before I was found out. I could not be found out, or all hope for humanity would be lost.

That night came and went thousands of times since the fires of my abduction. I was merely a young girl then. Tender of heart, but wise to the ways of man and mythos. It was part of my education by my mother. While other children my age were learning their mathematics, literature, and how to behave as a proper young lady, I was learning the paths of the stars and planets. Their alignments and the meanings behind them. The events that were foretold to come to pass, and how to recognize them in order to help mankind forestall the looming Darkness.

She always seemed rushed, my mother, in educating me. She covered so much material and information that even before the age of ten, I began to wonder where in my brain I would store all of the information. But my mother would always say whenever I was contrary, “Miri, my sunshine. Whether you know it or not, everything that passes my lips to your ears is stored for safekeeping inside.” She tapped me on my temple, on my forehead between my brows, and over my heart. “All knowledge will make itself apparent when you need it. You will not have to seek for it.”

She prepared me for many things, but not what would come to pass after my first decade of life. She did not tell me I would be stolen in the night by my father, a man of mystery I had never known. Stolen and ensconced by the creatures of the night for an equitable time in order to learn his ways. The ways of the Dark.

For ten years after my abduction, I lived in darkness. Even the glow of the candles was diminished in the face of the Darkness. Yet still, the flames stood their ground. As did the moon and stars. As did I.

My father attempted to educate me as had my mother. The Light had had it’s opportunity; it was then time for the Dark. The difference was that where mother had made my life and hers integral and applicable to all knowledge she passed, my father merely relegated the duty to anyone who was available. Passing along history and grandiose plans. Yes, I learned of their objectives, but the passing Dark did not manage to sink its claws into my soul.

Once the years with my father had passed, I was to spend the next year walking amongst humanity, weighing my choices. During the month when I would reach my twenty-first year, I was to choose which night I would stand amongst the sacred stones. Either I would bathe by the light of the full moon and choose to rule with Light. Or I would bask in the darkness of the moonless night and rule with Dark.

I chose neither.

I hid amongst the nameless and faceless. I shirked my monetary inheritances and watched as the days, months, years passed. With no new ruler of Light and Dark, I wished with the heart of a child that the duel would end when my parents passed from this life. I was foolhardy to believe it would be so simple. The Light and Dark merely began to touch and influence humanity randomly and without thought or consequence.

Light progressed innovation exponentially and Dark suppressed everything even more so than usual. The battle continued despite my inaction. And through it all, I watched. I monitored the stars and planets. I calculated the timings of events that were coming to pass, and the knowledge imparted by my mother stole its way into my memory and thoughts, guiding my actions. Darkness had to be stopped, but I was no longer fit to rule.

Now, there is another, and with the help of The Society and myself, he must end this once and for all.

He’s here! I must give him a final instruction. Go in Light, dear friends, as it is a moonless night. Be vigilant; for the creatures of the Dark are waiting.

~2015 Deidre Meyrick
(Came in at 922 words!)

As always, be sure to check out the other inspired flashes on our fb group page. Have a great week!


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