The Gift: Monday Flash Fic

Wow. I’m not sure about today’s flash. It’s a little different and is evidence of dark musings of late. hmm…. It’s also much, much shorter. I hope you enjoy.


The Gift

Drums thumped in the distance, responding to the serenade of the surf pounding the shore behind them.

Not much longer now.

They were the initiates this solstice; he, their sacrifice.

Just over the dunes.

The sand on this side of the circle was tightly packed, so that each step didn’t mean a dig deep. A few more steps however, and each stride would leave a welcomed searing burn in their already straining muscles.

It is my gift.

Such smooth skin he had. Even if they didn’t have to maintain skin-to-skin contact during this ceremonial trek, he would have been a delight to touch. To caress. To lick and bite. To enjoy.

Please accept my gift.

But he wasn’t theirs.


As always, be sure to check out the Monday Flash Fic group for more stories inspired by this lovely image. Have a great day and a wonderful week!


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