King Lear: Monday Flash Fic

This is the first time I’ve gotten one of the flashes written before posting day, and it kind of took me by surprise. I hope you like it!


King Lear

Gregson escaped behind the pack meeting lodge under the pretense of needing to make a call, and pulled his phone out of his back pocket. Thumbing through his passcode, he saw there were no new text notifications since the last time he looked, which was only about 10 minutes ago. He must have imagined his butt vibrating.

“Dammit, Lear. Where are you?”

Gregson paced the length of the lodge, muttering and acting as if he was actually on a call in case any of the council members still inside decided to be nosy and sneak a peek at their Beta. Actually, now that he thought about it, he did need to make a call. He just hoped he got an answer, and not sent straight to voicemail. It rang twice before the line on the other end picked up.

There was silence.

“Huh-hello? You there?” Gregson was a bit unsure if maybe he’d gotten one of the infamous voicemail messages where it seemed like someone answered the phone, making you sound stupid for trying to get a response and then the message kicking on.

“The fuck you want, asshole?”

“Why are you hating on me, Kicks? If my memory serves me correctly, you were the one who initiated that little interlude between the three of us.” Gregson couldn’t help but smile as he remembered that night out in the clearing by Lear’s cabin. He licked his lips, wondering if it would happen again.

“I asked you a question. What. The. Fuck. Do. You. Want?”

Gregson sighed. Kicks—her chosen name, as she loathed her given name of Kiki—wasn’t going to give in. She might not have been Alpha female in the pack, but she was the closest any of the other females had come since Lear’s mate had been killed a few years back. She was Lear’s other best friend and she was a badass bitch.

“It’s Lear. He’s not back and I just led the council through a meeting about our treaty with the pack to the north, dodging all kinds of questions about why our Alpha wasn’t there. Any idea where he’s gone off to?”

He could hear Kicks let out a long low breath.

“Think numbnuts. What’s today?”

Gregson’s brow furrowed as he brought up his calendar to see if he missed some appointment he should have been aware of. He and Lear were as close as could be considering they were lovers, but he wasn’t an original member of the pack. He was brought into the fold after the assassination attempt that took Lear’s mate.

“Nevermind. You don’t get it yet.” Through the phone, Gregson could hear her boots clomping on the porch. There was a long silence before she continued. “He doesn’t let on to the council how sensitive he really is. If it ever got out to them, he’d be challenged every fucking day, and he’s the best leader we’ve ever had. Gregson,… Today’s the anniversary of Lela’s death. He’ll be by the river, remembering the good times with her.”


Make sure to check out other flashes. You can find links to them by visiting the group’s FB page here. Have a great Monday!


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