At the Cabin: Monday Flash Fic


At the Cabin

Emme pulled on her hoodie and started searching through the cabin for her car keys, stepping over discarded sleeping bags and meandering through the remaining sorority sisters that were chattering while packing.

“Have any of you be-otches seen my keys? You know, they have that pepper spray thing on the keychain.” Emme saw one of the small canisters peeking from between the sofa cushions and pulled out a set of keys that she wasn’t looking for. She only knew one person with keys that held pepper spray, a peacefrog keychain, and a set of jingle bells, but she knew that person wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She jangled them loudly and yelled to be heard over the idle talk.



“Found your keys!”

“Just put’em back where you found ‘em!”

“You sure about that?”

The loud conversation was nothing new for them. As the two most outspoken members of their sorority, they were used to raising their voices above the din when even a handful of sisters were together in one place.

“Just put them back, Ems! I’ll know where to find them!”

Emme shrugged and put Skye’s keys back between the sofa cushions, and kept looking for her own.

Just yesterday, on their way to the cabin for an officer retreat—it seemed like forever ago—Skye had told her that she spent summers and holidays at this cabin with her parents. She saw evidence of that in the various knick-knacks and family photos that were scattered everywhere. Like this very odd shaped ceramic bowl-vase thing with “SKYE” written erratically in a rainbow of colors across the widest portion. It was hanging in a beaded, knit thing that looked like a throwback to the 1970s or something.

“Oh, and Ems?” Emme looked in the direction from which Skye’s voice emanated.

“Yeah sunshine?”

“Check my rainbow bowl for your keys.”

Emme muttered, “Oooookay,” and reached her hand in to the bowl, feeling not unlike Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday before she stuck her hand in the Mouth of Truth.

“Ha! Look at that!” Emme jangled her keys and yelled out to Skye again, “Thanks! Be back with ice cream in a bit!”

She walked outside, leaving the buzz of girl talk behind and stood on the walkway for a moment to take in the fresh air. She was typically an all city no country kind of girl, but she had to admit to herself, this was kind of nice. It had only been a day and night, but having been friends with Skye for many months now, her friend’s slower pace and laid back mannerisms were already rubbing off. She felt less anxious in general now, but knowing everyone else would be gone by the time she returned from her trip to the country store down the road left her feeling just a little bit nervous. It would be the first time that she and Skye would be able to spend time alone, just the two of them, away from the rest of the world. Ever.

Emme adjusted her glasses and before she could take another step down the walk to her car, someone grabbed her hand. “Wha?”

Skye squeezed her hand tightly, “You’re thinking too much, again. Stop it, bb. Stop thinking and kiss me quick before you go.”

~ ~ ~

I hope you enjoyed today’s flash! Be sure to visit the other flashers and read their stories. Links can be found in the group page here.

Happy reading and have a great week!



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